PT. Susanti Megah

Our People

At Susanti Megah, Co ltd. People are our business. We foster creativity in an open and inclusive environment in which our people can strive to be their best and achieve their goals. As a key employer within rural communities across Indonesia. Susanti Megah, Co ltd is committed to investing in the development of all our people and most importantly to build the skills-base of the communities in which we operate.

We actively promote diversity and equality in our workplace. We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, suppliers, contractors and visitors. We deal with our people in good faith, while respecting our relationships with our people and any representatives they may choose. These commitments not only meet all legal requirements, but also cultivate a highly motivated, productive and committed workforce that drives our business success.

Our people development strategy is about:

Engage our people, by providing an environment where they can be innovative and find new and better ways of doing things; Educating our people, by giving them on the job experience and opportunities to develop their skills; Evolving our people, by providing a workplace that allows them to realise their goals.

Our philosophy is with great people, we will achieve great business that will drive great results to sustain business success.