PT. Susanti Megah

Milkfish Presto Sambal Penyet

Milkfish Presto Sambal Penyet

Milkfish Presto Sambal Penyet

Number of Servings: 10 servings
Total Calories: 950 Kal

500 Gr milkfish
160 Gr Eggs - Shake Off

70 Ml Water
10 Gr Shallot
10 Gr Garlic
4 Gr Lime Leaf
7 Gr Salt Cap Kapal®
6 Gr Ginger
4 Gr Turmeric
7 Gr Galangal
5 Gr Pepper powder
80 Ml Cooking Oil
6 Gr Lemongrass
6 Gr Coriander

Sambal Penyet Ingredients:
20 Gr Shallot - Fried until wilted
10 Gr Garlic - Fried until wilted
30 Gr Big Red Chili Pepper - Fried until wilted
15 Gr Red Chili Pepper - FFried until wilted
10 Gr Salt Cap Kapal®
10 Gr Brown Sugar
10 Gr Basil
30 Ml Shrimp Paste - Fried until wilted
200 Gr Tomatoes - Fried until wilted

How to make:

Milkfish Presto
1. Cut the fish in accordance recommended serving, wash clean. Drain
2. Stir-fry until fragrant spices, add the rough seasonings, stirring until wilted.
3. Put in the fish at a pressure cooker, pour the seasoning, add water. Presto milkfish until tender and the flavors mingle. Lift - drain.
4. Beat the eggs with a little off the fish broth. Dipping the fish in egg beaters.
5. Fry until golden brown.

Sambal Penyet
1. Blend all fried ingredients.
2. Saute back, put the sugar, salt, mix.
3. Add the basil, sprinkle with salt iodized Cap Kapal® - serve with milkfish presto.